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Experienced Dentist in Palatine, IL – Raymond E. LaVigne D.D.S.

How Does Dr. LaVigne make a difference?

Dr. LaVigne’s experience and ability to be a problem solver allow him to help patients with challenging or complex situations.

He is very open with verbal and visual discussion and demonstrations. He always recommends sensible and conservative treatment and how to maintain with good care at home. When problems and conditions are more serious and multiple, he will suggest appropriate options and compare the benefits and risks and feasibility of each method.

When patients are confronted with factors such as time, convenience, finances, anxiety, or any combination; he will help patients to sort through those obstacles. The idea is to have an understanding, create a plan, get started, and work toward completion.  After that, we hope to stay on track with minimal maintenance.

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This practice provides excellent dental service in a caring and friendly environment. The staff takes the time to get to know their patients so they can best tend to their needs. If it is a routine cleaning or a more complicated procedure, they are continually concerned about your comfort and satisfaction with the work done. In over 10 years as a patient I have recommended them several times and will continue to do so.”

Mary L.

Providing experienced dentistry to Palatine, IL

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