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About Palatine Choice Dental Center’s Choice Dental Care

What we mean by Choice Dental Care is that we give our patients the right to choose Sensible or Sensational treatment.

Our goal is to offer an entire range of dental care and to educate our patients helping them to decide. Our style is to be informative and helpful. We treat a wide range of patients from those who are dedicated to excellent health but also patients who are less diligent and need to “catch up” from time to time or even need urgent care. We also provide a high level of cosmetic dentistry for those who wish to improve their smile. We can also provide much better than average restorations for those who desire greater strength, longer lasting, and higher level of confidence with less restrictions when chewing or speaking.

Sensible treatment includes

all preventive , conservative and routine treatment procedures.
These are procedures you would likely have done at a reasonable cost regardless of insurance.
These are the procedures that most insurance plans will cover 50 – 100%
Sensible dental care includes procedures intended to prevent worse conditions
Also urgent care for already serious problems with teeth or gums

Sensational treatment includes such things as:

Procedures that are solely  for cosmetic reasons

Also procedures that treat decay, missing teeth or gum conditions but can be enhanced with better cosmetic results

When patients need extensive dental treatment and have multiple problems there may be more than one way to treat. Some patients may choose a plan that is adequate and average while other patients want to strive for  greater results

In addition to the results  there may be better methods for handling challenging conditions and limiting the amount of inconvenience while undergoing extensive treatment by providing careful planning and placing much better than average temporaries when treatment must be completed in phases and over a long period of time

Treatment at any level for those patients with high anxiety level

Treatment for patients with unusual conditions such as abnormal bite, shifted teeth, etc.

Sensational upgraded dental care may be only partially covered by insurance or even totally optional however we feel that patients should be allowed to choose and not be dictated by dental insurance coverage.