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Coronavirus Health Safety

We would like to share some information regarding the concern about the Corona Virus.
We have all been receiving knowledge and advice from the news media, the CDC, hospitals and other local agencies. The effort is twofold:

How to protect ourselves and to protect others

We are always careful with regard to sterilization and disinfection, pace of treatment even when there is no major disease threat.
Besides the typical sterilization and disinfection that we have been doing for several decades, we also are highly aware of further disinfection for items that are contacted such as door knobs, and cabinets and counter tops, etc.
We appreciate when patients are cautious in helping us avoid cross-contamination.

Regarding making and keeping dental appointments, here are some important thoughts developed by us as well as the CDC and ADA:

The vast majority of dental patients come for treatment when they are in good health.

Patients who have minor symptoms of a cold or allergy can be treated as they are comfortable and we will take usual precautions: wearing mask, washing hands, wearing gloves and being conscious and alert to any coughing, sneezing, hand contact, etc.

Patients who have fever, significant coughing or sneezing should reschedule.

Most private dental offices do not have large numbers of patients sitting or standing closely which increases risk for spread of infection. Until this threat is over we are making even more effort to increase space between patients by modifying our schedule and time for disinfection between patients.

We have the ability to make special arrangements when a patient needs even more than usual protection. Some examples are patients undergoing chemotherapy or other health compromises. We can isolate their appointment for their own safety

Likewise we can isolate patients who do need dental treatment urgently while they are moderately sick.

If a patient believes they may have been exposed to the Corona Virus (or other serious infection) they should refrain from routine dental appointments for minimum 4 weeks in order to protect others.

Patients known to be infected by Corona virus who also need emergency dental care will be directed to go to a hospital emergency facility.

The goals are to prevent further spread of the disease immediately by best habits and also to avoid future problems by :

  1. Full commitment to good personal habits right now and continue forever.
  2. Proper isolation and avoid contact right now and continue in future.
  3. Develop vaccines and other preventive protocol.
  4. Increase availability and accuracy of testing.
  5. Develop medication and other care known to be effective for treating infected individuals.
  6. Increase facilities for quarantining until such time they are not necessary.

Additional things you should know

We are extremely careful all the time not just when influenced by a major concern such as Corona virus or flu season, etc.

We always utilize high standards for sterilization and disposal of instruments and supplies

We are well above standards when it comes to hand washing and wearing gloves carefully

We only use certified dental labs. This means that your crowns, implant restorations, dentures are handled only by local labs that:

Are certified for their training and infection control protocol

They never import from other countries (which is common among other labs and dental clinics in order to reduce cost)

There are other qualifications for certified labs regarding quality but the above relate directly to patient’s and dentist’s safety regarding potential for disease or toxic material.